Welcome to the Instrumental Asylum

Welcome to the Instrumental Asylum is the debut CD from Ben Rogers’ Instrumental Asylum.There are 18 tracks on this album, seven of them originals – and all the tracks are guitar driven and played with passion, style and skill including a monster version of Shake ‘n’ Stomp and terrific adaptations of House of The Rising Sun, Geronimo and Apache (think: Hank B. on acid). Original tracks feature the formidable and fabulous KangaRoux,  Surfing the Synchrotron and Gol Gol Tip – a feast of metro influenced bush tucker for guitar lovers. The album includes the Django Reinhardt composition “Nuages”, listed as a recommended version in the publication:The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire”, by Ted Gioia, published by Oxford University Press (July 2012).  Gioia describes the track as “a raw electric version, with hints of blues, heavy metal, and surf music”.

Read about the CD launch at the Rainbow Hotel.


2.Apache 2:48 (Lordan)1.Kangaroux 3:02 (Rogers, Scarlett, Close)

Special web-treat: Kangaroux – the movie

3.House of the Rising Sun 2:15 (trad, arr. Rogers, Scarlett, Close)

4.St James Infirmary Blues 2:41 (trad, arr. Rogers, Scarlett, Close)

5.Surfing the Synchrotron 3:05 (Rogers, Scarlett, Close)

6.Sandy Feet 2:59 (Rogers, Scarlett, Close)

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Available online from Waterfront Records (Sydney, Australia).

7.Medina Wedding Blues 2:43 (Rogers)

8.Nuages 4:06 (Reinhardt)

9.Shake ‘n Stomp 1:52 (Dale)

10.Incident at Docklands 2:36 (Rogers, Scarlett, Close)


Available in the US as CD or MP3 from CD Baby

11.Geronimo 2:15 (Marvin)

12.Gol Gol Tip 2:55 (Rogers)

13.Stomping at Steve’s 2:49 (Rogers)

14.Fleetwood Mac 2:00 (Green)


Also available on iTunes

15.Loved Another Woman 2:30 (Green)

16.The Ninth Wave 2:13 (Wilson, Bogle, Edwards, Taylor)

17.Walk Don’t Run 2:02 (Smith)

18.Sleepwalk 2:16 (SJ & A Farino)

Purchase in Australia through all good record stores (Distributed by MGM).

Purchase in Australia through all good record stores (Distributed by MGM).