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Reviews for “In Search of Lasseter’s Riff”

Vintage Guitar Magazine  (USA) June 2018
Pipeline Instrumental Review (UK) March 2018 (USA) Jan 2018


Reviews for “Instrumentally Disturbed”

100719 inst_dist_cover

Vintage Guitar (USA)
Pipeline Instrumental Review (UK)
dB Magazine (Adelaide, Australia)
Big Beat of the 50s (Melbourne, Australia)
2Good4Words (Australia)
Reverb Central (USA)
New Gandy Dancer (UK)
Music Web Express 3000 (USA)

cover_reverb_rehabReviews for “reverb rehab”

JB Mag (Australia)
Big Beat of the 50s (Australia)
The Sunday Age (Australia)
Pipeline Magazine (UK)
Nova Magazine (Australia)
Robert Silverstein (Editor, 20th Century Guitar &, New York)
2Good4Words (Australia)
New Gandy Dancer (UK)
dB Magazine (Adelaide, Australia)
Reverb Central (Santa Cruz, USA)


Live Sunday Sessions radio 88.3 Southern FM Melbourne – 2014
JVG Radio Method on radio 3RRR Melbourne – 2013
Rhythms Magazine (Australia) – June 2010
Pipeline (UK) – July 2012
Music Web Express 3000 (USA) – Nov 2010

Press for live performances

20th September 2014, Nerdalicious – Instrumental Asylum at Pure Pop
18th September 2010, Nippertown (Capital Region and Hudson Valley regions of New York and western Massachusetts)
26th October 2007, Matthew Frederick of EG (The Age – Melbourne)
14th June 2007, Daniel Gregson of EG (The Age – Melbourne)

cover_asylumReviews for “Welcome to the Instrumental Asylum”

2006: Reverb Central (Santa Cruz, USA)
June 2006: Robert Silverstein, editor of 20th Century Guitar & (New York)
2006, Big Beat of the 50s (Australia)
2006, New Gandy Dancer (UK)
2006, 2Good4Words (Australia)
2006, Pipeline Magazine (UK)
2006, JB Mag (Australia)
2006, Nova Magazine (Australia)
March 2006, Australian Guitar, (Vol 51 (Australia)
2006, The Age (Melbourne)
2006, Times Union, Troy (New York)
2006, The Record, Albany (New York)
2006, Vintage Guitar (USA)