Sorry for the big gap in Blazz news here – a new website is on its way!  Big news at the moment is “Instromania” next week. Instromania is music for instrumental music fans.  a whole night of axe-wielding heaven with four bands for your listening/watching pleasure: Martin Cilia (The Atlantics ), Ben Rogers’ Instrumental Asylum, The Futuras and Harry’s Web.  This event is taking place Saturday night 12th June at The Chandelier Room (91 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin).  Other  news centres around promotion for this event including an appearance by Martin Cilia (accompanied by John Hall of Harry’s web and Nikki Scarlett of Instrumental Asylum) on Richard Stubbs ABC radio programme 4th June 1.30pm.  In case you missed it you can listen here – includes a live rendition of The Atlantics’ classic hit “Bombora“.

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