Ben’s Guitars

Ben has been writing articles related to vintage guitar for What’s My Scene, an online music, food and lifestyle magazine.
Articles published to date are:

1.  1963 Guild Thunderbird S-200
2.  1977 BC Rich Eagle
3.  Maton Alver c.1962
4.  The Green Guitar and the Ballerina (1960 Gretsch 6125 Single Anniversary)
5.  The Swedish Surf Guitar (1965 Hagstrom Model 1)
6.  Twelve String with Tremolo (1965 Maton Fyrbyrd 12-20)
7.   The Ghosts of the Ninth Fret (1938 Gibson L4)
8.  Tiesco J1
9.  Songsters, Alvers and Tuners (1967 Alver 2C)
10. The Best Excuse to Buy a Bass (Hofner 500/1 Beatle Bass)
11. The Packhorse Stockman’s Wristwatch
12. Johnny Osmond’s Vox Guitar

Other guitar stories will be featured in the coming months.