Review of Windfarms of Your Mind – included in  “best CDs of 2011” on 
111028_WindfarmsFrontCover“The era may evoke the acoustic swing of Django, but the guitar sound is truly Ben Rogers 2011. There’s an air of musical authenticity here that cannot be denied. Blending steel guitar and a range of other guitar sounds, track 5 “National Banjo” is almost an instro guitar anthem that could work as a folk song as well as a fully fledged, soaring Hank Marvin-esque production. Anyone who dug Ben’s Instrumental Asylum, will find much to admire on Windfarms Of Your Mind. Same as much could be said about track seven, “Laika’s Flight”, which although ostensibly a long and winding drum-less guitar solo, is actually a most interesting guitar trek that would also work as the foundation of a more production laden rock extravaganza. Either way, the diversity of guitar sounds and styles Windfarms makes for a most promising first recorded album by The Ben Rogers Trio.”

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