Review: “New” Gandy Dancer

Review of “Instrumentally Disturbed” in the Spring 2011 issue of  “New” Gandy Dancer (UK).
Some interesting comments, including a reference to Joe Satriani style (???), which we’ll take as a compliment.
Other comments:
Multi-talented guitarist / songwriter Ben Rogers with his trio have always been good and it’s no different here.”Ain’t Over Yet” – much more uplifting and infectious with its simplicity.
“Lost in D Minor” is very ‘Fabulous Ventures’ LP guitar tone, which is refreshing.
“Never Seize To Amaze” and “La Mer” sees the other side of Ben with some very tasty jazz playing.
“Shfuffle” is a delightful “Peter Gunn” pastiche with more chords! 
(Review by Davy Peckitt)

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