Review: New Gandy Dancer

Review for Welcome to the Asylum

New Gandy Dancer, the world’s longest running rock instrumental magazine (30 years) features a review of “Welcome to the Instrumental Asylum” in its latest issue:  “Looking at the track listing, it would be easy to see a Ventures inspired cover band only, but Ben Rogers and his band are a fresh, innovative, instrumental guitar group.  A trio, they kick off with a big, Link Wray style opener in “Kanga Roux” (one of seven great originals) before a dark, grungy “Apache“.  “House of the Rising Sun” gets a unique take with a thoroughly new slant but it’s still good guitars all the way.  Nikki Scarlett on bass and Denis Close on drums drive the whole set along solidly and, for example, the Ventures favourites “Ninth Wave” and “Walk Don’t Run” both get useful workouts.  The Shadows’ “Geronimo” is another example of a new eye (and ear) coming up with a revitalised favourite.  more please!”

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