Review of “Instrumentally Disturbed”

Review of “Instrumentally Disturbed” and interview with Ben Rogers’ Instrumental Asylum in Music Web Express 3000.
“Ben Rogers records the same type of surf-music that Jimi Hendrix would have liked – plenty of hard rock riffing, enough echo to fill a stadium and the tracks to make it all click. Ben really comes into his own as a composer on the humorously titled Instrumentally Disturbed CD. Even so, for this writer the two highlights here are a pair of cover tracks that project just how original and bold Rogers can get as a guitar stylist. Back in 1962, the all girl group The Exciters had a huge pop smash with “Tell Him”-produced by Lieber and Stoller-that brought them to the top ten of the music charts. In the process, Rogers and his Asylum have transformed what was a national girl group hit in ‘62 into a raging instro-rock classic. It’s just amazing stuff really. Also, one of the all time classic songs, “Beyond The Sea” is given a new twist on Ben’s take of the track with the original 1943 French title, “La Mer”.  Even though “Beyond The Sea” has been recorded by 400 artists at least, Ben really puts a cool instro spin on this timeless classic.”

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